Create real, sustainable change with MUFG

With MUFG, you'll join a powerful group of people who work together to create real change — in banking and beyond. At every step, we're committed to giving back to the people and places we serve. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) group shapes the vision, implements the programs, and brings these positive changes to life — fostering socio-cultural equality and diversity, conserving our natural resources, and promoting financial prosperity for present and future generations.

Community outreach

We encourage the community outreach efforts of our colleagues by helping them to explore available volunteer opportunities, sponsoring and coordinating opportunities, and matching colleague donations to approved organizations.

Our Community Development Finance group funds affordable housing developments that benefit low-income individuals and families, from seniors to migrant farm workers.

Charitable contributions

Our charitable contributions are focused on where the need is greatest in each of the markets we serve—specifically in the areas of affordable housing, education, the environment, community economic development, and health and human services. An example of our commitment to the community is our pledge of $85 million over a five-year term to support local non-profit organizations, with an average of nearly $17 million achieved annually through grants to these organizations.

Environmental stewardship

We believe that caring for our environment is more than a civic responsibility. We treat it as an essential part of our business strategy.

Going green begins in our own backyard, and we're committed to making a positive impact on the environment with initiatives that include energy and water conservation, paper reduction, and waste minimization.

Awards and recognition

MUFG Union Bank, N.A., continues to earn global recognition for Corporate Social Responsibility. See our CSR Annual Report for the latest list of CSR honors.

Financial highlights

In 2016, we renewed our Community Service Action Plan committing $41 billion in innovative Bank lending, investment and philanthropic programs over five years, with a continued strong focus on addressing the pressing needs of small business and low- and moderate-income (LMI) individuals and communities. Programs range from traditional lending activities to support LMI individuals and communities to experimental or innovative programs designed to build communities and break the cycle of poverty.

Our approach is not just to meet the minimum, but to share the maximum possible amount of our profits with the communities that help us thrive. We have committed more than $8.4 billion in community serving loans and activities per the U.S. Community Reinvestment Act and $8.2 billion in sustainable financing to support environmentally responsible businesses.

We are proud of our heritage as a community partner and work collaboratively and effectively in the communities where we do business to ensure economic equity to all.

Download our CSR Annual Report:

Our Colleagues

"Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is more than an initiative — it's a core value."

- Julius Robinson
Managing Director, Group Head, Corporate Social Responsibility